Guided Meditations 

The Books of Magra is based on a number of concepts and theories that are developed throughout the entire project. It is rich with insights that are focused on altered states of consciousness for the purpose of delving into ourselves and our relationship with the world.

But to enable inquiry and explore our own personal potential requires space and time

Guided Meditations provide a unique context for personal exploration and insight.

Why Guided Meditations?

Guided Meditations offer a context to explore awareness. Through the holding of space and the crafting of sound, these meditations are intended to enable you to: 

- reach states of calm awareness

- seek and discover insights within

What topics do the guided meditations focus on?

Topics include:

- Unity: what is it, why is it.

- Dialogue: the inherent unity of all and our participation in that unity.

- Vibrational Phenomena: valuing it, making the most of it.


- Creativity: as an embodiment; having a vision, staying focused, problem-solving.


- and many more which broaden thought and emotional awareness, and are intended to bring a greater sense of wholeness to you and your connectivity to the world we are a part of.

What will happen during a guided meditation?

Guided meditations are built on a variety of themes and utilize specially created music and sound design to support the experience.

The meditations are generally experienced in supine (lying down) position.

A guided meditation may look something like this:

- a beginning breath focus for centring and entering a calm state 

- the themed guided meditation

- coming out of the meditative state through breath observation or visualization

I have an eclectic background in a number of modalities such as martial arts, yoga, and other bioenergetic modalities. Plus, I have done a great deal of personal research into mysticism, science, philosophy, and the fine arts.


I bring all of these elements into the guided meditations, by doing so, I intend to offer dynamic experiences that are of benefit to participants individual needs and perspectives.

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