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"We must be careful. Sound in here, it moves in different ways."

- Gaum -                                                

from "The Books of Magra: Hax-Sus"

The Music

The Books of Magra is not only intended as a literary epic, it is also an intricate and elaborate sonic offering.


The music draws from a number of styles ranging from art music to rock, from sound design to sound-healing. Some pieces express the mechanistic aspects of phenomena, while other pieces delve into the metaphysical and the mystical.

The music and the concepts that pertain to sound form a rich palette of instrumentation, compositional approaches and architectural designs. All of which come together to forge a unified sonic landscape of expression and exploration.

The music is an integral part of the "The Books of Magra" as it adds depth to the narratives and expands the concepts and theories within it.

Therefore the music is created in three different ways:


Studio  ~  Sonic Architecture  ~  Theoretical Sonic Architecture


Music that is created using instruments and recorded sounds exclusively created in a studio.  

Music currently available for purchase:

"The Books of Magra: Hax-Sus"


And...have a listen to the current uploaded samples. In the months that follow there will be more samples available here.

In Production

Studio music samples

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