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Hello, my name is Joël Tibbits and I am the creator of "The Books of Magra," which is a profound exploration of consciousness through fiction and sound. In this video, I am going to talk about Conduction. And Conduction is one of the concepts that I believe enables the exploration of consciousness. The concept of Conduction is actually very complicated and intricate, so I won't get into it in any detail in this video. It's actually a big part of the theories and concepts, and the stories in The Books of Magra; plus it also enables a lot of the music that I make for the project. So in this video, a very simple straight ahead explanation of Conduction.

Conduction is the dynamics of unity; and dynamics basically means when you have a system or a process, it's about the changing developments or growth of that system or process. And you can say then that Conduction is about the "how" of unity.

Now in a previous video, I talked about Integration which is the inherent unity of all and our participation in that unity. So, of course Conduction and Integration are closely related.

To give you an idea of why I am using the word Conduction, and more about what it means, think of a length of wire. Now if you have a wire and you pass electricity through it, we would say that the wire is conductive. It's conducting electricity because the electricity is moving through the wire. So conductivity requires a medium and then an object of transmission. If you think a little bit more about that wire, it's composed of a metal or metals, and then there is actually a hierarchy or series of levels of perceived contexts that we can have of the structure of that wire. So the metal itself is made up of atoms, those atoms have electrons, protons, neutrons, and then further still we can go to deeper quantum states, which leads us to, basically conceiving of, and looking at, energy. So that wire, which is conductive, is actually composed of a number of layers of perceived contexts of conduction.

So Conduction is really about this idea of context and then what is possible in that context. Like I said, the dynamics of unity is about the changing development, growth of a process or system. Now of course this is very symbolic, which makes it powerful, but it does also have practical applications as a basic concept.

We can think of ourselves as an object of transmission, of change and growth and development in a context of this environment that we live in. We can even think about our bodies as being contexts where there are changes, developments, growth occurring, transmissions as well.

So very simply, Conduction is the dynamics of unity. Now if you have any comments or questions about anything in this video, I would love to hear them. You can leave comments on my blog at www.thebooksofmagra.com. There you will also find write ups on the books plus music samples that are currently in production.

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