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Video Transcript:

Hello, my name is Joël Tibbits and I am the creator of "The Books of Magra," which is a profound exploration of consciousness through fiction and sound. In this video, I am going to talk about Creativity, specifically, a very important aspect to Creativity, that I believe enables the exploration of consciousness.

Now often, when we talk about creativity, we are talking about creating something, "I want to make a paining...I want to create a song...I want to create dinner."

However, one of the most important things I feel about Creativity is this idea of Embodiment. What that means is that when you create you are aligning yourself to manifest something. So all these aspects of you come together, it's a synchronicity, if you will; and your whole being aligns to create, and in creating you embody. So if everything aligns together, you embody what you are creating. And this, I find, is one of the most important features to what we consider to be creativity.

Because what it means is that if you are going to align yourself, synchronize yourself, your whole being, to create something, you immediately step into the capacity and the need for self-knowledge. You, by creating, bring all these aspects of yourself together, and therefore, there might be parts of you you've never encountered before by creating a specific thing. There might aspects of yourself you are re-experiencing and trying to understand more fully by bringing everything together and so creativity, the importance of creativity, is how it results in embodiment.

Now, if there is anything in this video you found of interest, you have any comments or questions, I would love to hear them; you can leave comments on my blog at www.thebooksofmagra.com. There you will also find write ups on all of the books, there are in production music samples.

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