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Video Transcript:

Hello, my name is Joël Tibbits and I am the creator of "The Books of Magra," which is a profound exploration of consciousness through fiction and sound.

In this video, I am going to briefly talk about Integration. Now, Integration is one of the seven concepts that I believe enable the exploration of consciousness.

Quite simply, Integration is the idea of the unity of all and the participation in that unity. Now what I mean by the unity of all goes back to what I have said about consciousness being related to our whole being receiving and acting, and that that wholeness goes beyond us. So that consciousness goes beyond us, it's inherent in the universe, and therefore it's multi-functional and multi-dimensional.

Now for us, I think the idea of unity is sometimes rather peculiar because we tend to see a lot of separateness in the world around us and within us. In fact, even the idea that there is an outer seeing and an inner seeing of our experience of everyday life, already you could say, subverts that idea of unity. And this is why, when I use the word Integration, I'm not simply talking about the unity of all, but the participation in unity. And to me that participation is like a dialogue.

In a dialogue there is a give and take, a receiving and a giving. And I think this inherently very important because by using the word Integration to not only reflect the unity of all, I'm talking about an endeavour in itself, a process in itself to participate in unity. So it is not simply about being able to say how everything works, or why everything is the way it is; it moves into the realm of our intuition, our imagination, trust, these kinds of concepts that are very much more about feeling and emotions.

But again, I believe that the idea of Integration comes back to a wholeness, a wholeness of being, and that that being relates to everything else.

So that's Integration, one of the seven primary concepts that I believe enable the exploration of consciousness, and of course it is fundamental to the concepts that I develop further in "The Books of Magra."

Now if there is anything in this video that you thought was of interest about Integration or consciousness, and you have comments or you have questions, I would love to hear them! You can post on my blog at www.thebooksofmagra.com; and I'll also post some other videos at the end of this with that you can checkout with more information.

Thanks for watching!


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