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Overview of The Primary Concepts

Video Transcript:

Hello, my name is Joël Tibbits and I am the creator of The Books of Magra, which is a profound exploration of consciousness through fiction and sound.

In this video, I'm going to talk about a number of concepts that I believe contribute to the exploration of consciousness, and they are also a big part of The Books of Magra as well. Now, in my previous video I did talk about how the fundamental purpose of The Books of Magra is to inspire and cultivate the exploration of consciousness.

Now as I discussed in my previous video, the fundamental purpose of The Books of Magra is to inspire and cultivate the exploration of consciousness. And as I had said, I do not know what consciousness is, however I do have a couple of beliefs regarding attributes of consciousness.

First of all, consciousness is not only concerned with thought, it is not only about the brain, it involves our whole being. And secondly, this wholeness extends beyond us and involves us with everything. So consciousness is not solely human. It is actually ourselves in union with everything. Therefore everything inherently has or is an aspect of consciousness. So in this regard, I believe that consciousness is multi-functional, multi-dimensional. It is not a single thing, it is a plurality.

Now as I believe in these qualities of consciousness, I feel that there are a number of concepts and views that may facilitate or enable the exploration of consciousness, and they are primary concepts to The Books of Magra. There are seven in all, the first five are:

Integration, which is the inherent unity of all. Conduction, which is the dynamics of unity. Singularity, which is the recognition of uniqueness. Process, which is the value of process. Creativity, which is the importance of creativity.

Now the final two concepts are interwoven, and they are the effable and the ineffable. The effable which is what can be explained or described in words, and ineffable which is the opposite, what cannot be explained or described in words. Now these are their usual definitions, but I believe two very particular things about them: first, that the effable and the ineffable are never separate, they are actually symbiotic, and one does not occur in place of the other; secondly, that these are aspects of experience not only words. So what that means is that effability and ineffability is not so much about what you can say or can't say, but it is about the question of experience itself, what you can experience and what you can't experience.

Now all of these concepts are interconnected and interwoven, and they all function for and with one another. So speaking of them individually is really to enable an understanding of the broader unity that they all share and influence.

Now in following videos, I will be talking about each of these concepts in more detail so that you have more of an understanding of what they're about, and potentially what I will be doing with them in The Books of Magra.

If there is anything in this video that is of interest to you, if you have any comments or have any questions, I would love to hear them. Of course as always you can checkout the website www.thebooksofmagra.com, where there synopses of the books, there are in production music samples, and of course my blog where you can get more information and leave comments.

Thank for watching!


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