• Joël Tibbits

The Exploration of Consciousness

Video Transcript:

My name is Joël Tibbits and I am the creator of "The Books of Magra," which is a profound exploration of consciousness through fiction and sound.

Now In this video, I'm going to talk about the fundamental purpose of "The Books of Magra," which is to inspire and cultivate the exploration of consciousness. Now of course, that sounds like a huge thing, because, well, it is. So what Im going to do is Im going to explain what I mean by that, and why I think its important.

So first of all, the what. The exploration of consciousness means for me the intent to pursue a fuller functional understanding of consciousness, and a deeper, richer, experiential awareness of consciousness.

Now in saying all this, I don't know what consciousness is; philosophers, scientists, artists, theologians, mystics, doctors, politicians, all kinds of people have different views on what consciousness is, or even if there is consciousness. But for me, there is a couple things I do believe about consciousness.

First and foremost, I do not think it's just a prerequisite or quality of the human mind. It actually goes much further and deeper than that. Consciousness is ourselves integrated, and beyond that it is our integration with everything. And so, everything inherently, I believe, has or is an aspect of consciousness. So in this regard, I believe that consciousness is multi-functional, multi-dimensional, and therefore even more of a reason that it needs to be explored.

Now why this is important is because concepts of consciousness really have incredible parameters. And the first one is the individual: what you think , what you feel, how you make decisions, how you interact with other people. And so, this of course, connects to a more communal view, which is how people get along, how they work together, how they live together. And of course you can just extend this out to the entire species, to humanity. So the exploration of consciousness involves every level and every facet of humanity, but of course, it therefore involves the world, the solar system, the universe we live in.

So "The Books of Magra's" fundamental purpose is to inspire and cultivate the exploration of consciousness.

Now if there is anything in this video you thought was of interest, you want to make a comment, or you have a question, I would love to hear them. Whether you see this on instagram, facebook, twitter, please leave a comment. And if you are interested in learning more about "The Books of Magra" checkout my website at www.thebooksofmagra.com. You can see synopses of the books, you can hear music samples, and you can checkout my blog where, of course, you can leave a comment and this video will be there.

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