The Books of Magra is based on a number of concepts and theories that are developed throughout the entire project. It is a rich exploration of the ways in which we perceive ourselves and the world we are a part of.

The work itself is complimented by delving into its contents beyond the boundaries of the page and the frequencies of the music.


It caters to Us Coming Together...

Why Workshops?

​Workshops are of course, people coming together, but depending on the intention that meeting can bring about great personal and communal change.

Through inclusive, open dialogue, these workshops offer a context for you to share your thoughts, ask questions, and to... 

- go beyond understanding 

- find the significance of meaning for YOU. 

What sort of topics do the workshops focus on?

Topics include:

- Consciousness: what is it, why is it?

- Integration: the inherent unity of all and our participation in that unity


- Process: valuing it, making the most of it.


- Creativity: as an embodiment; having a vision, staying focused, problem-solving.


- and many more which broaden thought and emotional awareness; to help you manifest a greater sense of wholeness and your connectivity to the world that we are a part of.

Creativiy Workshops

What will happen during a Workshop?

Workshops can take a number of approaches depending on the theme, content and the participants.

The setting is inclusive and co-creative. 

A workshop may look something like this:

- introductions

- a short meditation for placing and sharing our intention for the session

- I introduce the theme of the workshop from the perspective of my work

- discussion

- guided meditation based on theme and discussion

- followup discussion

I have a diverse background in a number of modalities (as a student and a teacher) such as martial arts, yoga, and other bioenergetic modalities. 

Plus, I have done a great deal of personal inquiry into mysticism, science, philosophy, and the fine arts.


I bring all of these elements into the workshops to offer dynamic experiences that are of benefit to participants' individual needs and perspectives.

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