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    There are many ways in which to speak about where we are: in a room, in a home, outdoors, in a town, in a country, on a planet, in a world, in a solar system, in a galaxy, the universe, the multiverse, creation, in the arms of Gaia, of the mind of God. These are but a few of the ways in which humanity has depicted a sense of place and relationship. In the creation and content of The Books of Magra, all such concepts are considered but none are the groundwork for its creation. As rich and as meaningful as these concepts and beliefs may be, these depictions of place and reality are weighted with hosts of meaning and intent. As The Books of Magra is an evolving exploration, such an endeavour requires freedom in enquiry, allowing fluid and spacious reflection. Therefore, in regard to a macro and microstructure of place and relationship, it is the use of the word All from which this creative perspective is built.


    All is embracing without assigning hierarchy, position or value to any element in its presence and dissipation. With this, All is interpenetrative as it is messy and nuanced while exhibiting large trends that support degrees of prediction and stability. It personifies the mixture of Order and Chaos, instead of definitive polarizations.


    In All resides singularity and plurality, neither one greater than the other, mutually housing one another. Their relationship forms a membranous boundary, an edge and scope that is elusive and continually fluctuating as one and many are embedded in one another. And so, All is expansive and contractive, as hosts of dimension reveal slivered contours of scale that diminish and grow with finite and infinite impressions.


    All is novelty, it does not suppose what it may include, nor does it exclude. It allows for dynamic mixture with surprising outcomes and shaded alcoves where processes may develop and pass unrecognized.


    In The Books of Magra, All is a mindset and a felt engagement with experience and understanding, which is enriched with our own wonder and awe, our creativity and curiosity. All is not a blank slate, but an open field. This approach is intended as a broad and rich attitude for The Exploration of Consciousness without hierarchical or empirical weight given to any form of discernment.

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