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"Walk with Tor (the sun), follow its path without exception until it turns to stone. Please, for me...” 

- The Head Monk -                                

from "The Books of Magra: Hax-Sus"

The Books

"The Books of Magra" is a multi-volume epic by Joël Tibbits.

Set in the fictional solar system of Ras-Tor, this work traverses different time periods throughout the evolution of humanoid life as the solar system undergoes dramatic planetary changes. Characters and places have unique and profound relationships that evolve over the course of thousands of years. The reader is taken on an in depth and expansive journey of imaginative enquiry, through exhilarating landscapes and experiential knowing.

The series is built upon mythologies created from the author's evolving views on consciousness. It is a powerful integration of diverse modalities, including: mysticism, science, martial arts, sound, bioenergy, and architecture.

It also incorporates elements of a number of genres, such as fantasy, science fiction, magical realism, eroticism, free verse poetry, surrealism and suspense. 

Book Synopses

Additional Writings

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