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The Books of Magra: Kror


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The second book, "The Books of Magra: Kror," explores "the incorporeal" through two interwoven narratives set in two different pseudo-time periods: an astronomer at the turn of the 19th century Europe, and a trio of mystics in the middle ages.

The astronomer, a widower, seeks to understand the darkest areas of space as he raises his young daughter. Stationed at a high mountain observatory, he commits himself to long nights of astrophotography seeking to capture what holds the universe together. 

The mystics, brought together by a shared and undefinable attraction, find themselves in a distant valley that compels individual and shared inward journeys for deeper understanding of their being and the world. 

In this meditative, awakening and sensual novel, physical phenomena and imagination are woven together to provide a unique examination of "the incorporeal" that leads to considerations of perception and meaning, thought and feeling, and the interpenetrative qualities of Order and Chaos. 


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