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The Bodies

    In the creation of The Books of Magra, a particular model of a human being is used for delving into humanity’s nature and presence with, and of, All. The model considers a human being as comprised of four aspects: the physical body, the mental body, the emotional body and the subtle body.These are differentiations striving for integration, to invoke experiences and cultivation of altered states of awareness and potential. 

    The Physical Body is the tangible qualities of a human being. They include physical processes, senses and the capacity for physical perceptions of self. The Physical Body is what human beings are most acquainted with. It is through the interpretation of the physical that human beings are most likely to find their initial motivations and interpretations for living, often founded on immediate survival and extending to comfort and entertainment.

    The Mental Body includes thought and cognition. It is reason, calculation and categorization, as well as imagination. It is what seems to be the sole realm of the brain, and often the assumed “pilot” of the person.

    The Emotional Body is concerned with feeling, mood, and may emerge anywhere throughout the body. It is the experience of knowing when thinking does not account for an understanding, and as such it includes intuition and passion.

    The Subtle Body is the most abstract of the four. It is concerned with what may be characterized as bioenergy or the energy body/bodies. The Subtle Body is also an aspect for those experiences where thought, feeling and sensation do not suit an accurate depiction of the experience. For example, such experiences may arise in sleep, when the conscious and the unconscious reveal vague dimensions of experience and discernment.


    Each of these bodies, with their characteristics and functions, are interwoven with the others, and it is the intent of using the distinctions to deepen the understanding and cultivation of their intersections, relational empowerment and functions. The four form a Venn-like diagram that is perceived as a stage in the evolution of human discernment moving towards greater union. The intent of this model is to cultivate and align a broader and deeper awareness of the bodies as a lush interpenetration, thereby addressing and developing humanities discernment of Being. This model is woven into the value and cultivation of Listening and The Exploration of Consciousness.

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