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Research: Cleansing the Lens

    Over the years, I have read a great many books, experienced a variety of audio/video formats and explored physiological paradigms (martial arts, yoga, etc) for the purposes of creating The Books of Magra. They have come from a variety of modalities: fiction, the sciences, mysticism, mythology, martial arts, architecture, and many more. This breadth and scope has certainly added to my understanding of the subjects themselves, given rise to more questions and lead me to further exploration and reflection. But apart from seeking information and knowledge, this process of reading and reflection has been driven by a subtler intent - as a form of Cleansing. In the creation of The Books of Magra, this process of acquiring information and experience, that I regard as research, has been to cleanse the lens by which I receive and express that which wishes to arise from within me.

    A lens is a tool for observation. It may magnify the very small or the very big, altering their respective scales so that they may be examined, assessed and interpreted. The Books of Magra’s creation involves an inner lens, one which is bounded on its two surfaces by my experience of the external and the internal. By cleaning this lens, it allows for smoother and smoother passage of what seems outside and inside - just as a cloth may lift debris that is diminishing the clarity for peering through a lens, or as water may wash over the lens’s surface, this conception of research opens doors of perception and ignites the time and space for reflection. Cultivating such cleansing promotes a mixture that is at once nourishing and deepening for the manifestation of the series. 

    In the creation of The Books of Magra, my research - which is experiential information and reflection - facilitates cleaning the lens for what wants to come and be projected and culminated in my awareness so that I may expand that projection outward.

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