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Prismatic Sonic Architecture

    Sound is a major component to the content of The Books of Magra. The use of sound is dynamic and expansive as it weaves throughout the series metaphorically and literally. 

    Prismatic Sonic Architecture is the model by which all uses of sound are considered and constructed. It is part of the narratives, concepts, models and in the creation of music for the series. This approach draws from Nature, Geometry, Science, Mysticism, Mythology, Philosophy, and a number of other modalities and ideologies.

    Prismatic refers to a visual trope. As an optical prism allows light to pass through it and separates the wavelengths, Prismatic Sonic Architecture utilizes sound as interwoven object and context, so that any use of sound is at once of All and revelatory as to elements or aspects of All. Every word, every sound, every image are intended to relate and inform each other, leading to an array of associations, meanings and functions.


    Sonic represents sound acoustically, metaphorically, philosophically, experientially and imaginatively. There is a primal and ubiquitous evocation in sound. It is a signifier for the greater challenge for humanity in the discernment of vibration on a multitudes of scales and forms. As it has been portrayed in the sciences, in mysticism, and in biodynamic modalities (Qi Gong, Yoga, etc), vibration arises again and again as a determination of the fundamental and uniform aspect of All. This perspective is a part of The Books of Magra creation and it is through sound that this understanding is explored in its implications, possibilities and virtues for humanity.

    Architecture is used to reflect construction and function. Prismatic Sonic Architecture is based on a particular conception of creating and constructing. It is weighted in aligning - the power to bring powerful things together. In this regard, selection is significant and the bringing together is towards mixture that is nourishing and stabilizing, while revelatory of novelty and growth.   

    Prismatic Sonic Architecture is an evolving approach towards forging The Books of Magra as a rich network of enquiry, meaning and creativity by means of a conceptual sonic framework.

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